Why don’t Naija Guys Abroad Marry Naija Girls Abroad ?

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Naija men abroad usually prefer to marry Naija women that are in Naija then bring her over to join him abroad.  Although this is not true for all cases, but the practice is very popular. We reached out to a number of single Naija men who are successful professionals based abroad and we got some responses. Some notables ones are below.

Femi, a banker in New York said:

“I would love to marry a Nigerian girl abroad, but, sadly, they all seem to like white men more. They rarely look at your side except when they want something from you. “

Emeka, a railway engineer based in the UK said:

“I was actually open to the idea of marrying a Naija girl based here but my previous experience was very bad. The ones I meet were very fake and disrespectful. Even some whites here were better behaved. The Naija girls acted as if they were next in line to the British throne and they were doing me a favour to be with me. Back then I already had my ILR so I didn’t need them for papers; I had a good job so I didn’t need their money. I got fed up with all their drama and took the risk of going for a Naija babe in Naija and I swear, the difference was clear. I have been happily married for 6 years now.”

What are your thoughts on this? Why don’t Naija Guys Abroad Marry Naija Girls Abroad ?

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