What is NaijaAbroad.com ?

NaijaAbroad.com is a directory of Places (e.g. restaurants, grocery shops, places of worship etc) , Services ( DJs, caterers, MCs etc) and Events (music/comedy shows, religious events etc) specifically for Nigerians living abroad.

How do I submit a listing ?

You first need to register/sign into your account on NaijaAbroad.com using your email, Facebook or Google account then select Add Listing from the menu, select the type of listing , enter the details then submit it. Once approved the listing will be visible on NaijaAbroad.com .

What types of listings can I submit ?

You can submit Places, Services and Events.

What's the cost to submit a listing ?

It’s FREE to submit listings 

Can I use NaijaAbroad.com if am not yet abroad ?

Yes and we even recommend it. On NaijaAbroad.com you can find very valuable information that can make it easier to move and settle abroad 

How can I advertise on NaijaAbroad.com ?

We support different types of sponsored banner and pop up advertisements. Please contact us for more information.